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Look over there[edit]

Not over there. Over here. Stop that. Just stop that. Stop being such a dingus. It's tearing us apart, and I'd like you to know that it's taking its toll on our friendship. Ricky, look at me. Ricky, don't look at me. Look over there. Nope. Turn your head to the right a little. Stop!

Now double take six times. Stop that, you're being immature. RICKY keep your pants on. Stop acting like such a dingus.
And the dingus strikes again

The Dingus[edit]

A Dingus is a person who cannot keep their pants on. Why can't they keep their pants on, you ask? Well, it's because they are sick. They have parasites living in their brains telling them constantly to take their pants off and put them ontop of the heads of strangers. It makes them appear to be retarded. But they aren't; they are just common dingi. Without dingi, who will take their pants off? No one. We'd all be wearing pants all the time stick stick stick stick stick sticks sticks sticky sticks SHa- BOOoooo.

Look at me Ricky[edit]

I'm gonna ask you one last time to keep your pants on. No. dont touch that zipper, Rick- RICKY! NO! NO. PULL THEM BACK UP Oh... come on. No she's just a feeble old lady. RICKY. Do NOT put your pants on her head. OH. Come on.

Ma'am I am so sorry. He has this condition. He can't help himself. He does this all of the time.
He's just a dingus.