Dinner wars

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Just a good food fight.

“If I slew them, although they wish my kingdom, my dinner would be stained with bloody carnage.”

~ The Bhagavad Gita

So it started when I sat down at the table. I was putting down the cautlery but then my friend told me if I took so long then it would take longer than the life of earth and we'd experience the END OF DA WORLD. So I did it right. Then we started eating, but he took so long. I told him not to take so long. Then he said "What, we're going to be here until lunchtime next day?" I then said "Well that is pretty much how fast you eat." Oh, he got burned. Not literally of corse. Then he said that it wasn't going to be just him being burned and that the whole house was going to be on fire. I was about to reply when a guy with a rainbow Mohawk came through the roof on a centillicorn and started back flipping into the toilet.


Chapter 2[edit | edit source]

Meanwhile in Hyrule the king was like "I wonder whats for dinner?" and Link was like "Oh boy I'm so hungry I could eat lotsa spaghetti." Then Gwonam appeared in the window and said "Your majesty, Mohawk guy and his centillicorn have seized the toilet of Australia." Then Link was like, "Great, I'll go grab my stuff." Then Gwonman was like "Mah boi!" Then Link was like, "Wasn't that The King's line"? And then Gwonman was like "Yeah, I guess, but who cares? Squadala!"