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Vietnam is the longest country in Assia after chilli. It had a population of 96.

Its capital is Cặc Lớn, in Lồn Hồng province

Poem written by ancient poet Người Mỹ Ngu[edit | edit source]

Shot in the head by General Loan

An officer of the Viet Cong lies in the street

Now dead, and resting in peace

After General Loan captured him, whilst walking the beat

Loan founded his ice cream shop

Somewhere in America

But then he got outed, and so it's toilet was graffited

Which meant that Loan had no choice but to close down the shop

But before the whole thing happened

Loan's family was killed

By the now dead man in plain clothing

In an unsuccessful American war effort in Vietnam

Which was lit by furious fire and napalm

Scarred by a million brutal shells

A jungle paradise, turned to hell

Is this battle really ours?

Where's the just within this cause?

America was an elephant, scared by a mouse

Drawing lines in the sand, whilst the tide is out

Then under George W. Bush, America invaded Iraq