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“Donald Duck Doesn't wear any pants, but when he gets out of the shower, he puts a a towel around his waist. What's that supposed to mean?”

~ Groucho Marx on on Donald Duck

“Why a Duck?”

~ Chico Marx on on Walt Disney's creation of Donald Duck

Beginnings[edit | edit source]

Donald Duck was born in 1920 by his parents Quackmore and Hortnese Duck. They found out that Donald was like his father who was very tempermental and dropping the F-Bomb every other word, but like his mother who would roam without clothing. In 1930, a fight between Hortnese and Scrooge would end their relationship and Scrooge took Donald to be an actor rather than a farmer like what they promised.

Fame[edit | edit source]

Donald Duck found himself in little theater in Duckburg by 1930. His rendition of "The Jazz Singer" was so much a hit that Scrooge encouraged Donald to try and get him to be an actor in Hollywood and since Scrooge had a strong relationship with Louis B. Mayer as well as owning part of M-G-M, he got Donald Duck to star in the 1931 movie "Duck in a Pond" where he would play the duck and it would feature John Barrymore as the Hunter. It would be a comedy and one of two films where Donald Duck wore nothing but what God gave him (The other film was "Donald Duck: Fully Clothed").

In 1933, The films that were released by M-G-M that starred Donald Duck never went anywhere (Donald Duck also starred in "Grand Hotel" and "Sailor Boy" where he didn't wear pants and shocked everyone). So Scrooge sent Donald to a new school called Acme Looniversity where toons would become legends. In 1934, Donald Duck would graduate from Acme Looniversity and be in the cartoon "The Wise Little Hen" which was made by Walt Disney since Mayer would refuse to have Donald Duck back at M-G-M.

WWII[edit | edit source]

In 1941, Donald Duck would enlist in the Military. He tried to be a sailor, but it was too obvious. So he went into the Army, and this was all seen in "Donald Gets Drafted". For three years, Donald was in the U.S. Army and at one time in 1943 he was mistaken for a Nazi, but would escape a concentration camp when he was sitting in cold mud without any clothes on. But in 1945, Donald Duck would march down Berlin with Hitler's ashes and told them that America has won.

After that, Donald Duck got discharged and went back to Duckburg to take control of his Uncle Scrooge's estate as well as go on some misadventures with his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie.

After the War and later cartoons[edit | edit source]

In 1947, a conflict between Donald and Daffy came when Daffy had a bone to pick on him when he found out that Donald was the most recognized Duck in America rather than Daffy. The fight is now seen in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" and ended in a draw, but in 1956 Donald won. 50 years later Daffy won the fight.

But nevertheless, Donald Duck would make more cartoons than Mickey Mouse though Mickey was the favorite. He would make it in the movie "The Three Caballeros" as well as be in the band with the same name. For a few years in the 50's, Donald Duck was very busy with holding stocks for Scrooge McDuck, starring in a few Walt Disney cartoons and shows, and being in the band The Three Caballeros.

The Three Caballeros[edit | edit source]

In 1954, Disney needed a band to help his theme park Disneyland, so he asked Donald Duck, Joe Carioca, and Panchito to help him out and so...The Three Caballeros were formed. They would be a folk band and be part of the whole Folk Rock influence (like The Kingston Trio, Bob Dylan, Henry Belafonte, and Joan Baez).

The band itself was always smoking peyote cigars that would crackle Donald Duck's voice even more so and give them the powers to play guitar. It would be in 1960 when The Three Caballeros would be called The Caballeros since Woody Woodpecker would join the band.

In 1964, The Caballeros had Barbie and Ken in their band. In 1965, Panchito left the band for his own band Panchito (which featured Carlos Santana at one time) and Bugs Bunny would join. In 1966, the band went to the United Kingdom alongside with Jimi Hendrix so they can get a feel of better music as well as move to a Rock and Roll position.

In 1970, The Caballeros would break-up and not return until 25 years later, but Donald Duck's guitar playing is heavily inspired by Jimi Hendrix. He would try and be with The Experience, but since his temper would break guitars rather than what Hendrix did, they would kick Donald Duck out. Donald Duck would try to be part of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer (Would be called DELP) but that never happened.

After the Ordeal[edit | edit source]

In the 70's Donald Duck would be out of a job and he would hang around two session musicians from The Caballeros named Loopy de Loop and Orson T. Pig. They were roomates throughout the 70's and this would be mentioned in a show called "That 70's Show" with different people of course!

Donald Duck would not do anything much until 1987 when he would take the role of sailor in "Ducktales". This would be a revival for him as well as another cartoon called "Quack Pack". In 1999, Donald Duck would be in new cartoons for "Mouse Works" and be part of the Night Club House of Mouse which closed in 2003 because of Mickey's cheese addiction.

At that time, Donald Duck went back in the movie buisness with "Fantasia 2000" and "Donald Duck: Full Frontal" which was a trilogy and a bad name for a porn flick since Donald Duck wore clothes throughout and it had a plot as well as Troy McClure in the first film. The second film "Donald Duck: Fully Sexual" was about Donald and Daisy who would get married on the set as well as the film. The third film, "Donald Duck: Fully Clothed" was basically a cross between originality and his first film.

Today[edit | edit source]

Today, Donald Duck sold Uncle Scrooge's stocks since they were worth nothing, his nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie are now living by themselves, and Donald and Daisy live in a suburb of Duckburg. At times, Donald Duck would be in Oregon as the mascot for the Oregon Ducks. And Sometimes you can see him nude sunbathing since he's been known as a nudist as well as a temperamental duck that we all know and love...unless you're Daffy Duck!