Double beret

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The Germanian foot-where? is often shot from a catapult after gaining the trust of a blind wolfmother.

Aruga (extended double-barrel hyphone)

Indubiatously owled chum.

Being shot while staring down a double beret shotpun can result in 20:20:40% vision. Physiotheraputility can lessen the effect's affect's affectionate nibbles but leaves the victim in a state of Barry Scott.

The only the known nounal cure for Post-Double Beret Storm Syndrome is Testostereich - enment. (All right - Subtle Linkage there, no ... there.

My child

My child, My child

Don't run to the teacher I'm not going on the register for hate crimes ag-anul.

The Gnomes, The Gnomes!!![edit]

Beware the Gnomes - the ones plotting your demise in an inactive window on your PC (and sometimes lockjaw).

Zee alzo, mein Mutter[edit]