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Dr Rabbit is The World's only rabbit Nazi.

How he turned into a Nazi[edit | edit source]

Walrus Guy controlled him and plus Heather said he is a Nazi. So he is a Nazi now.

Why is he a Nazi[edit | edit source]

Because he felt like being a Nazi. He thinks the word nazi is catchy. Plus he gets to wear cool 50s clothes and have a mint moustache.

What he wants to do[edit | edit source]

He wants to let children all around the world have a look at his... thing. While using God Powers.

Who he visits[edit | edit source]

Carmen in Europe.

Carmen: Hola Dr. Rabbit welcome to europe!
Dr. Rabbit: Hola Carmen! Nice to see you again my friend! Let me have your chips!
Carmen: Why?
Dr. Rabbit: Cuz I am going to stick those chips in my butt. Why don't you have a look at my ____
Carmen: I'd love to
Dr Rabbit: This is my ____

And he visits Tandi in Africa. Dr Rabbit claims his bumchum is Dr Rabbit. And then he visits Sow in China. Dr Rabbit says the great wall is sexy. Sow agrees. Mario says "Alright Koopa free the princess or Yoshi here will eat your peepee." They go to Australia, Here We Are! North America! The dude in North America asks if he is a pedo. Rabbit doesn't say anything. He lets him look at something bad. They go on kamikaze mode. The rocket blows up.

So[edit | edit source]

That was the summary of his tour where he shows kids his _____

Mama Luigi has snuck in.

Dr Rabbit was made by Colgate. Everyone claims Colgate sucks because they remove the doctor rabbit poops this one is still alive.

Dr rabbit career in a nutshell[edit | edit source]

  • He is a rabbit Nazi
  • He is a dentist
  • He is a pedo
  • He goes on world tours