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'See, I hold my fingers out and touch my... nose. Oh shit.'
This article rhymes with the word fnunk, and does not refer in any way to inebriation.

"Drunk" is a famous musical made by that woman from the sound of music after taking one too many hallucinogenics, declaring herself a country and beating her husband with a canoe paddle.

The most famous song was the title song, "drunk".

I drunk an octopus
He was round
It made me SQUEAL!
It didn't smell of wee
In fact it pleasèd me!
So as conclusion I am drunk
Doo doo doo doo
Daba daba doo ba dee
I shall now whistle inaudibly
(blows on a dog whistle)
Weewee wee
I am not
An alcopop,
Although I am
An alcoholic!
A baboon stinks
But not my octopus
So as conclusion I am drunk
So if you're ever feeling sad
You'll like to know that evil's feeling glad
And furbys selling millions by the day
And children die in millions of ways
I sexed a lynx
But not my octopus
So as conclusion.... woaaahhhhhhh....
Die die die die die fuckers die!! Ahahahaha!!!!!
Oh is that a shop till?
Oh wait it's a policeman
Would you like to have sex with me officer?
(gunshot noises)
Ok, why did you shoot me?