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This is essential to become one with Duncanism

To become a Duncanist take this initiation quiz:[edit]

1. How much are you worth?[edit]

  • A) Mucho Mucha-cha's
  • B) Like |_______________| much!
  • C) The average dollop of gruel
  • D) I'm about as useful as a chickenflavoured lollipop

2. What car do you have?[edit]

  • A) Like the bestest, most exclusive car in the world/armoured tank!
  • B) A Astin BMW Version C3P0
  • C) A family Hunch Hatch back
  • D) I ride a rabid dog to work when I can afford it

3. Are you strongly religious/Atheist?[edit]

  • A) God? Doesn't he sell Dog food at the supermarket?
  • B) Meh
  • C) I believe E.T. something is out there.
  • D) I'm Jesus

4. Are you easily brainwashed sweyed[edit]

  • A) Which way am I swaying again?
  • B) I trust you: you're wearing a shirt with a hilarious slogan involving cheese, nuclear warheads and sexual innuendo
  • C) Why does it have "brainwashed" crossed out, this sounds fishy... (Not Fishy Moose ick for that matter)
  • D) My brain has never been washed!!! It's reek kills flies

5. How Gullible are you?[edit]

  • A) Isn't that spelled H.I.P.P.O.P.O.T.A.M.U.S?
  • B) No! Not another one of them complex, confusing mind tricks
  • C) Not very
  • D) This is a trap!

Your rating[edit]

For every A you put down: 500 points For every B you put down: 300 points For every C you put down: 100 points For every D you put down: Get out 0 points

*1500 points+[edit]

Welcome to Duncanism, now please sign over the deed to your house and we're good to go.

*1500 - 1000 points[edit]

You need to take more mind-altering drugs andd become more sheep-like before you can join.

*1000 - 500 points[edit]

You have a lot of work to do, get stoned and watch our 16 hour film: "Why Duncanism is For You!" immediately.

* Less than 500 points[edit]

The hounds have been released.

* Anything below zero[edit]

You appear to have been decimated by the possible police.