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As Goldins was quick to discover, signs are not eat-ible. Cyndaquil's are however.
Unless you have a portable drip, tubes coming out of your blood streams and access to appropriate nutrients bags, you, like many, will have to eat to survive. Don't worry, this is completely normal. Probably. It's within the statistically normal and cross-cultural normal spectrum anyway. Unless you count the anorexic sub-culture, but they're a very small tuck-away and have a minute effect on the overall picture. Though to be fair that view is dependant on the effectiveness and prevalence of diagnosis. Which itself could be affected by any number of ever evolving factors. I mean, the availability of bulky clothes, people who take all their food by drinking it in liquid form, God I didn't even consider that one. And now I've blasphemed. Wow, we might not know anything about this after all. I'm going to have to rework the whole introduction of this quote. Science is so exciting! Okay, right. A significant number of people claim to eat, or have eaten, or believe eating to be essential to survival in line with the view expressed by the mass media. It is possible that eating is a normal mode of behaviour, pending further research and analysis."

—Wincest et al, 2010

The Biological Process[edit | edit source]

When you eat chemicals are released into your brain that send out hormones informing your heart not to suddenly explode all over everywhere. Though as a general rule it wouldn't do that anyway. I think the hormone might actually promote fingernail growth.

But even so this process is one of the many important reasons we humans eat (food).The other 37 can be found on my blog. See, there they are, right next to the post about my oddly shaped Weetabix.

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