Egg Timers On Cocaine

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(Egg timer stands with spoon against your computers throat, the odd smell of weed is present)

“"ARRRGGGHH. That Egg timer is not rational. Who knows what that inanimate object could do!"”

~ Battery-Computer Farmer on Worried for his livestocks life as it is taken hostage?

Has this ever happened to you, well it has 'cos I sezorz so.[edit | edit source]

Adware of its most deadly kind - the lesser spotted egg timer (often using coke for creative influence) can be found in CITV and Asia, feasting on dead computers. The Egg timer uses powers such as noisy beeping, counting downwards and spoon threatening to gain access to your computer. It will then fall backwards onto it slightly, causing no damage. (Sharp intake of breath).

To avoid having like a high egg timer attempt to damage your computer despite clearly being an inanimate object that can't choose to do anything get your credit card details and steal your spouse[edit | edit source]

  • Don't feed your egg timer cocaine
  • Don't take enough cocaine to hallucinate about evil egg timers (when you just actually made love to your computer whilst high)

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