Evil laughter

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Evil laughter is very contagious, so contagious that you could be the next victim of this pandemic.

Scary, isn't it?


Other reported symptoms of evil laughter have included an outbreak of unfitting flamboyant moustaches. Dastardly.

How do you know you've caught this very Muhahahaha", *cough* *cough contagious disease? MUHAHAHAHA!

Well you see, sometimes you may:

  • Laugh for no apparent reason
  • Laugh for an apparent reason

If you have either one of these symptoms, you either have:

Evil laughterus, a very contagious MUHAHAHA! *cough* disease.
Laughterus ironicus, a strange disease in which you laugh sarcastically hehehe *cough* for no apparent reason.

If you have either one of these diseases, consult a doctor immediately, no wait - don't. The next thing you know, when you're leaving the clinic, you may hear him laughing too.

So er, yah, don't go to the doctor. This disease can be treated. I think.

Try either one of these cures.

So-called *cough* "Cures"[edit]

These are the *cough* so-called "cures". Don't blame for coughing on your medicine, it's a symptom. MUHAHAHA!

  • Eat your own heart, hence making you die, so you don't have the disease anymore. Smart, eh?
  • Say eh 7048 times non-stop. It probably doesn't work, but you'll get so tired out you die, then you won't have the disease anymore. Smarter, eh?
  • Chant the alphabet over and over again, driving evil demons out of your body. If you keep singing it, your brain won't be able to take the stress and it will die out. Smartest, eh?
  • Bite your mother. Tried. If you do this, she'll probably kill you. Smarter than smartest, eh?
  • Kill yourself. Ironically, this won't work. Not so smart now, eh?
  • Kill yourself ironically. Ironically, this is ironic, hence it would work. Smarter than that smarter than smartest thing, eh?

Hey, by the way I've said "eh" 6 times, no now 7! Only 7041 times to go of saying "eh". Wait, now only 7040 times to go of saying "eh"! Hey now, it's 7039 times of saying "eh"! Hey now it's 7038 times of sayi....

And the cycle goes on, until he finishes, say like

Hey now it's 1 time left of saying "eh"! HEY IT'S....*drops dead*.

Hey, it really does work!