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"I'm fixing to take and fix the fix-a-flat flat that needs taking and fixing", said Phil-Fil, uncle of Fen-Phen Fenugreek, of late of Febrile Phenomena LLC, fabricators of friction heat transfer systems. Phil-Fen, Phil-Fils second cousin on his fathers side, took and traipsed down the 3/8 of a mile driveway, all the while imagining himself fixing the fix-a-flat flat tire with monstrous machinery and maddened, malevolent demons hand-picked and trained by Arthur C. Clark himself. Oh, Sir Arthur was splendid to behold, sari-bewoven and bungee-bedecked. You see, lepro-sy c sees the sea sealing the shore for a Jersey jerked chicken, jerked by jerks.

Reluctantly, I put out my cigarette out and entered the dojo, doughed and flowed and flowered, all lax and just-this-side-of paralegal. squeezed into a carbon fiber box, not so tightly integrated into work-and-play-a-day dais of debatable dimensions. There is some question as to the moral ambiguity introduced to the nitrogen cycle, causing some perturbations in aquaculture.