Floating dustfleks

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Count a dumb number 3

As it was by then, it happened, so.. when furry bees started licking a janitor Y

so as i stood in a door and flexed my bendy arms at a wardrome "IT CAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 ::in the sky birds without many feathers and singing notes made of air

Sloppy air medic!! making a visual statement with a wet mop mule making, times, naked yover french desert marked by sour stopwatches that record air


SCHIZed it was schizoisis i think he had one type of personality, that was unrepairable, unprepared for a sign made of words and containing nothing, marking it like a proper banquet oh yes it was!!

Usefi air pistols[edit]

Carbrium fliud magizine dripping ink from wood. Its hard to get lard from a clean gem, just moving a mellow helicoptyer in ellyslope. It moves horiz iont the bottom of cliff 2. Using numbers

IT CAME[edit]