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Warning: The following section is freakin' insane.

You may think that I am a crazed fool. Well, you'd be right in saying I'm crazed, but if you're saying I'm a fool, you're... well, correct, actually.

Muhahahahah! Bibble wibble thugfish candyland monsters! Take that Bernard Butler butter! Campfire roasted mobile phone. I.T. phone dome! Fluggy flygger flugman! Flarbo ebbex. Beeeble. The cheeses are invading... Jibble wibble aha ckh ckh hough! Gasp.

Critical analysis of the below[edit | edit source]

Below is hellk, and even further below is Jim Davidson's basement. Oh yeah, you can't get lower than Mad Jim's jokes, or older for that matter.

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