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The lightbulb men shall attend your pancake party. For as toast is a seven speed jumping, we shall enter your pasty taco.

Beware, however, there is no spoon, and it cannot undo your thief, but we shall attain all tumors, which are two more than your silly plug. Thus, we count the shattered dreams of your Ferrari, while courting your Volkswagen. This cannot be stopped. All shall tremble before the boolean power of the die. But not dye, for that would only color you daisy, however, there cannot be any more pie in your cavity, for it is quite solid, and the speed cannot entertain any more of your snails. Alas, there are no snails here, and we celebrate the glorious victory of Rob Tomato's hit single. Nacho chips are nothing like your mud wrestling, it cannot begin to brew the void mud that we care for in your splendorous ambulance, it is quite tasteful.

Now, begone, this is not for your inferior brains.

--(ƒî)» 02:58, 19 Octodest 2009 (UTC)

Dude, what crack are you smokin'? :D -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 14:48, 25 Farbleum 2010 (UTC)