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So I created this inoffical extension for the vector skin which makes everything float! therefore you don't have to scroll to the top to access basically any part of the interface.

Screenshot. Notice the rounded borders on everything. All the parts of the interface (except for the tabs) are fixed to a position on your screen.

Easy way to install to anything MediaWiki[edit]

Get the 'Stylish' extension somewhere. It's for all major browsers. Then go to and click 'Install with Stylish'. Done. It works with all MediaWiki.


Note: If you know how to create expandable divs, please fix this. It's ugly. I know there's a way, but I am currently way too lazy to go through every single template on Illogicopedia.

div#mw-panel, div#p-personal ul {
  position: fixed;
  box-shadow: 0 0 20px #ddd;
  -moz-border-radius: 1em;
  border-radius: 1em;
  background: #f6f6f6;
div#mw-panel {
  top: 7px;
  left: 7px;
  padding: 0;
  padding-top: 8px;
  z-index: 200;
div#p-logo {
  position: static;
div#p-personal ul {
  padding: 2px;
  padding-top: 0;
  padding-right: 9px;
  right: 7px;
  z-index: 202;
li#wikEdLogoList {
div#p-search {
  position: fixed;
  right: 7px;
  top: 25px;
  margin: 0;
  z-index: 201;
div#simpleSearch {
  -moz-border-radius: 5px;
  border-radius: 5px;
  box-shadow: 0 0 10px #ddd;
div.suggestions {
  position: fixed !important;
  right: 7px !important;
  top: 57px !important;
div#left-navigation {
  margin-top: 10px;
div#right-navigation {
  float: left;
  margin-left: 5px;
  margin-top: 10px;
div#mw-page-base {
  height: 50px;
div#footer {

So there. If you want to apply it then copy it into your vector.css (presumably removing everything else) and that's all! (note: only works with the 'Vector' skin. If you want to use it, then please change your skin to 'Vector' here.) Iamawesome  T | C | U  16:56, 30 Arply 2015 (UTC)

That's pretty cool. But I use Monobook, so you should set it to work with Monobook. XY007talkcontributions 23:03, 30 Arply 2015 (UTC)