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Out until January 8th
Hello. This is your captain speaking, and we are landing at the Spatial Market of the First Temple of Arceus's Neat Mole-Ferret Doings. Fizzy pop/anti-septic cream/cannabis-infused butter 1/4 price! Actually, no. This is XY's userpage, and it's better than ever!

Thank you for flying New World Airlines. I can also be found on Twitter at @xy24official.

Stuff I do on Illogicopedia

Write articles, like any sane man. I have nothing yet. But there's always the Incubator. Also: User:XY007/IllogiReals

Clock.gif This user has been on Illogicopedia for 3 years, 11 months and 26 days.

Ideas (for the Incubator first):

  • Ready 'n' Steady: Part Two
  • Confessions of a Dank Meme Overlord (for 1337y to laugh at)
  • Articles about obscure topics that would never make it to Wikipedia
  • Illogicopedia:Articles for Creation (Anyone for a Double Ristretto Venti Half-Soy with Ice?)
  • Libertarian Party
  • NetHack
  • 10 Reasons Why (further lists)
  • 4Kids Entertainment
  • Finish the Diacritic Marks article
  • Singapore (to finish, might not need incubator after all)
  • Homeopathy

About myself

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This user believes in peace and love.

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See also: Singular Ways to Die (FA 2017)

I beat Testostereich to the window where he was murdered.

Don't you just love the KLIA Chime? [1] I just add a different silly quip here each time. Or not.

Which Mega Stone... I don't know... either one... Zero Wing Reference count: 3.10


Bear racing is every Thursday night in the Caldarium. Come bored.

Serviced Giratinite Union procedures are a little thin. Toad-eaters?

Headlines for Alt. Uni. news: (based on urban legends with no credibility at all:) Celebrity chef Guy Fieri dies at age of 47, because XY had enough of his existence.

Inverse Battles prove futile for the free-market, ancap economy'Ending headlines with full stop is boring, experts agree dessert is good. Enough.

Also: I'm on ED. The software won't let me post a link, but a bit of looking around, and you'll find it eventually.

Interestingly, this commercial aired during an interval of a rather sad, depressing anime called Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Isn't this just Tang with turmeric? Nope Yes, some fan tried it, said it tastes like Tang.

All content here is copyright me, except for the parts that aren't. I can't dance. Can you? I can. Can't you? There's a paradox in there somewhere...

Iraq was invaded by Tony Blair / Got a small bird's nest living in his hair / He's gonna make them pay / He's gonna make us fight / But the Brexit vote set everything right! I'm not a sock of anyone. Not Ewfnjn/ICTTD in particular. I'm neither of them. But I have this, and my cat (who is not a Litten).

When the rest of the world has switched to IPv6, I'll still be on IPv4. 2015 in a nutshell: Which nut? An almond, I hope. Donald Drumpf's ego barely fits in his head! Illogic illogic illogic... continue your self-radicalisation as you are (not) alone. I sign out here.