Gingerbread mortification syndrome

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“You cannot catch me, I'm the gingerbread man!”

~ Gingerbreadman

“Not for long, once I evirate you!”

~ Evil lord Zenobi


~ Gingerbreadman mortified

Gingerbread mortification syndrome is the event in which a gingerbread is mortified beyond reproach. The damages caused by this event are irreparable, even with the divine duct tape of Jesus. A gingerbread is mortified by the likes of YOU, so keep away from gingerbreads to avoid their mortification. The evil lord Zenobi of planet Buzuki-sama as given his orders to mortify as many gingerbreads by confiscating the Mepsipax from them as a form of toll for leaving his kingdom of death and despair.

Identifying a person with GMS is easy. All you need to do is swing a gingerbread over their eyes to start the first symptom. It is like a hypnotic trance where the patient has a compulsion to dress up like a christmas tree. The second stage of the syndrome is encountered when something unfortunate happens. The patient becomes paranoid and begins to blame the gingerbreads for said event to happen to him. The third stage is when the gingerbreads are so appalled by the words of the patient that they cling onto something catatonically and refuse to let go even in the verge of death and destruction. This stage is typically abused by evil lord Zenobi as he traps gingerbreads into cages made out of chopsticks.

There is no known cure for GSM, so if you contract it from somewhere in Nevada, you're f***ed. The christmas season is the worst season to survive from contracting this relatively common disease.

Also, it makes your hair turn red, thus losing your soul to Leviathan and your skin turn poop brown.