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Godd, not to be confused with God, is a fictional deity once described by Jacques Kallis as "the big man that lives in the sky". Though this is a largely accurate description of Godd, further repetition of the phrase in relation to the character is prohibited under threat of being struck by a lightning bolt right where you stand.

Godd is the subject of an unreleased 1987 Monty Python film meant as a sequel to The Life of Brian. Apparently it was so bad not even Eric Idle would touch it with a barge pole, even with the probability of a lucrative big cinema launch at the Odeon in Leyton Buzzard.

Non-theatrical roles[edit]

He has appeared in numerous films, radio programmes and small kids' dreams ever since, performing the roles of God (that's the other big bloke that lives in the sky) on occasions when the aforementioned omnipotent, omnipresent supreme ruler o't' Universe is stuck in the loo. Do they have toilets in heaven? Meh, they must do.

Prayers Ignored Here[edit]

Godd, I should like to document the rules of Sufferball, but it does not yet exist.

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