Great Frog attack of sometime last year

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The Great Frog attack of sometime last year was an attempt by the great frogs to not only enslave our entire population of computer mice, but to eat our entire supply of cookies, forcing our poorest children to eat potato chips instead.

Battle plants[edit | edit source]

The frogian battle plants were simple. They were small shrubbery with squirt-guns attached to their tiny flowers. Unfortunately, these plants would travel forward in time and find out that I am saying they have small flowers, and since flowers are basically plant genitalia they immediately ambushed my house which is why my house is now... actually it's not damaged at all, but my cat can't go into the attic anymore.

As for our plants, we had a bunch of petunias.

Results[edit | edit source]

The Cheeselandian Bagelstompers had a great pitcher on the mound who was able to retire the first two Frog batters easily. Unfortunately Rob McGrubbermacson always seems to beat the best and scored the first run via a home run.

The Bagelstompers responded by kicking the opposing pitcher in the shins and forcing his mother to eat a pecan pie with raisins on it. This lowered his confidence enough to get some offense going, and the first Bagelstomper batter reached 9th on a base hit.

But just when the Bagelstompers were about to cash in their runs, a squad of British people showed up and announced they were going to play a game of soccer/football, paying each baseball player 50 cents to leave. The fans rioted and destroyed my couch using nacho cheese.

Rant[edit | edit source]

I swear, if we keep electing these tax happy LIEberal morons then soon its going to cost $20 just to buy an orange lamp. Orange lamps are right up there with potted plants and blue brick walls, and the DUMBocrats want to make them a luxury because all they care about is tax money they use to buy useless crap like giant oranges and ugly rocks.

And lets not forget how the liberals are soft on frog attacks. After the Great Frog attack of sometime two years ago, the liberals lowered the price on bleach from $19.99 to $6.99, while everyone know its supposed to be $6.98. Idiots!

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