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Heroin: it's fun for the whole family.

Heroin is a transcendental drugs thing known for making you extremely high. One minute you're sitting at home with a syringe in your hand the next you're riding a rainbow coloured goat to the moon. Not to be confused with a hero of the female vairety.

History and usage[edit]

Heroin was invented by the higher echelons of humanity. Heroin addicts are the most successful people in the world. Proof? Sherlock Holmes did heroin opium, being the closest available thing at the time.

Possible side effects[edit]

Shooting heroin will make you super skinny, irritable, prone to dropping dead and extremely agitated. You will also love heroin more and more every time.

The heroin scene[edit]

Only beautiful people shoot heroin. Heroin addicts love to dance all night and party everyday.

Author disclaimer[edit]

Don't do it man... If you want to get high, climb a ladder.

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