Herpes as Therapy

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Herpes as Therapy was a company that existed for two months in upstate New York where they infected people with genital herpes as a way of putting them through a special type of therapy. The owner originally claimed it was a new method of helping people with their problems. Later, after the company fell apart, he admitted it was for "shits and giggles" and just thought it was funny to infect people with herpes. It actually had some success and had a TV spot featuring a washed-up actress claiming it "saved her life". "Without herpes," she said, "I would still be a different person". The scam was revealed when an undercover cop reported seeing the staff laughing while infecting customers with genital herpes. The most common method of infection was the classic "Herpes by toilet seat" where the customer would rub their genitalia all over a toilet covered in herpes. Slang nicknames for the company came about and were such as, "The Herps Perps" and "The Genital Killaz". After they shut down, the owner tried to make such companies as "Ebola Cola", "Maids with AIDS", and worst of all "Babies with Rabies". All customers were not cured of herpes and take once daily Valtrex. Because I have genital herpes and she doesn't. And at least she wants to keep it that way. I could care less.