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Customers are singlehandedly responsible for making those capitalistic pigs wealthy.

The First Customer[edit | edit source]

in 4000 B.C. Grognar gave Blard two speckled rocks for a clamshell. Thus began the rotten capitalistic system that has enslaved and oppressed billions, FUCK YOU GROGNAR AND BLARD!!!

Modern Capitalism[edit | edit source]

Under the capitalistic system, you would have to get up at 8 in the morning, work for 2 weeks, get payed about 1/3 what you should get payed, then have to spend your hard earned sheckles on an item that the shopkeeper dosent really want or need!

Why Capitalism Sucks[edit | edit source]

Capitalism is a dumb system made by dumb capitalists who literally enslave you and only give you money if you work for it. Why this sucks is obvious.

Why Socialism is Better[edit | edit source]

In Socialism you wouldn't need to pay money for stuff, you just take it for free! Isn't that great?! Who cares about privacy or security anyways. You don't have to worry about anything, just let Big Brother handle all the finer details. We promise it will work this time!

Defending Socialism[edit | edit source]

Be sure to reject the capitalistic system at any time possible by shouting loudly, breaking windows, and buy lots of books by socialist authors so that they can have enough money to support themselves.