Hitler's Rise To Power

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Loading Server...

Loaded Server: Germany

  • s4yyy: yo wat are those dirty c0mmie n00bs doin here

  • s4yyy: make me l0ser

c0mmiezz attacked s4yyy for 0 damage!

  • s4yyy: LOL N00B GTFO

s4yyy has attacked c0mmiezz for 80 damage!

commiezz has fled!

  • h1nd3nburg3r: no n00b get out

  • h1tl3rA: do it or ill make myself admin

  • h1nd3nburg3r: u n wat army loser

  • n4ts33z: dis one n00b

  • h1nd3nburg3r: o shet

h1tl3rA has been made an Admin

  • h1tl3rA: lol ez

h1nd3nburg3r has died of natural causes!

  • h1tl3rA: lmao get rekt n00b