House of Fun

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Welcome to the house of fun,
Now I've cut my face,
Welcome to the house of fun,
Welcome to the lions hen,
They both need a shave,
Welcome to the house of bun.
Good evening sir, can I help you sir?
There appears to be a soup in my hair,
I tired of eating lentils,
As they taste like donkey's genitals,

This is by far the BEST version of House Of Fun I have ever heard, ever. Too true to say. Now make it for me or else. Just else. Can't be bothered telling you why as I am extending this sentence to make it look like I've put more effort into this article when really I decided to write some crummy lyrics to a song... not only that, I oh never mind.

You BIG Jabroni[edit | edit source]

And that's the bottom line, because Stone Cold Soup Bucket says so!