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The truth about this page is that this sentence is not true. The previous sentence also contradicts itself in the sense that that is not true either. However, that sentence was true. This one isn't though. But that must mean that it's true, which means that it isn't, which means it is, which means it really isn't. This means that the article contradicts the fact that the entire article must be untrue, which must mean it really is true, which must mean that it really is untrue. This means all you just read is a lie, which means it was all true, proving that it was a lie, showing that truth is true. This also means that logic does not exist because truth is untrue which means that this page is untrue, making it true, proving that it is truly untrue.

Fish[edit | edit source]

Truth is also a type of fish that only lives in fishtanks.

Seesaw also[edit | edit source]