HowTo:Boot from a CD that's not in the drive

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It's fairly easy to boot from a CD that's not in the drive by simply following these instructions.

  1. Plug a microphone into the said computer.
  2. Put a bootable CD in a sound system near you. It must be said it HAS to be a bootable CD, this is critical. The nearer the sound system is to you the better, with interferance and all.
  3. Fold yourself a aluminium foil hat, and put it on sideways.
  4. Switch on the computer.
  5. Keep close eye contact WITH the screen.
  6. Turn up the volume of the sound system.
  7. If this doesn't seem to work switch from CD to FM on the sound system.
  8. If this doesn't work call the computer manufacturer's helpdesk and inform your boss.
  9. Have a lie down. Peruse on the whole procedure for possible errors.
  10. If two male nurses arrive, don't fight them off if they lift you up by the arms, they're your new friends.
  11. Go along quietly and don't forget to take your medicines.