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This page is the sort of page that you look for when your'e stuck, read it, then wish you hadn't bothered. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Don't blame me, im innocent! Dont take me away!

Step By Step Instruction[edit]

  • Step 1 - Get good music (indie/rock/punk/GrUNGE/Metal, barber-shop quartets and morris dancers. Oh yeah! :P)
  • Step 2 - Get empty space (so you don't kick your expesive vase around the room while doing the can-can)
  • Step 3 - Turn music on (This step require lots of intelligence[1]).
  • Step 4 - Turn music off and go see your local choreographer.
  • Step 5 - Wish you'd never bothered reading this carp.
  • Step 6 - Hope the belt doensn't undelete you.(Additional Step)

For Those Who Dont Understand The Step-by-step Instruction.[edit]


If you are a duck....[edit]


If you STILL cant dance then-[edit]

a)You have serious problems
b)Visit a mental asylum
c)You're just like me (GOD NO!)
d)I will hunt you down
x)What happened to the rest of the letters?
y)You could consider brain surgery
z)Or if all else fails, practice.


Dancing is NOT recommended if:

  • you have broken legs (unless you try some wheel-chair aerobics)
  • you STILL cant dance (surely this has been helpful?!)
  • you are suffering from
-cancer (the star sign)
-jeremy clarkson-itis
-your mom

Dancing IS reccomended if:

  • You are suffering from mental health problems

(it looks funny :P)


  1. Something you'll never have.