HowTo:Not Be a n00b on XBOX Live

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If you follow these guidelines you will most likely not be a n00b on XBOX Live.

  • Don't make a gamertag with 4 or more numbers
  • Don't make your gamertag a common word with random capitals and lowercases
  • Don't ever ask if other users can hear you if you don't know them
  • You don't need to scream in the mike
  • Don't team kill; period
  • Don't play a sports game online unless you've won the championship on the hardest difficulty
  • Don't quit a game if someone's too good
  • Don't ever be in the middle of the game and go to the bathroom
  • Don't play on Easy on Guitar Hero III online
  • Don't use Halo 3 terms on Call of Duty 4
  • Don't send random people friend invites
  • Don't join your friends on XBOX Live you don't know in real life's private matches without permission
  • Don't invite a friend on XBOX Live you don't know in real life when you're playing with only friends from real life
  • Don't complain about the game mode if there are multiple
  • If you are English, don't pick a fight about America vs. The UK. The American will mention the American Revolution.
  • If you are American, bring up the Revolutionary War in a fight with English people.
  • Don't purposely crash people in NASCAR games.


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  • Don't scream every time you get killed; it happens.
  • Don't talk about how good the PS3 is. Even though it isn't.
  • Don't have a casual conversation with your friend over XBOX Live when you're in the middle of a team game.
  • Don't be a n00b. Period.