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This is your guide to vandalism of Wikipedia.

Step 1[edit]

Try to create an account lightly. Don't use a big name like TSMAAL-Illogicopedia-GEN-MOA-2099-BLG-266A-freeholiday-nonhindley-tsm1938-btv-newans-9182. It's too long anyway. Use a name like Screencat0248 or something. Then, you must begin the vandalism. A good idea is to make a few good faith edits before the vandalism begins.

Step 2: Types of vandalism[edit]

Page blanking[edit]

Page blanking is a typical vandal action, but could easily lead to blocking. You know, this is why pages are protected.

Gibberish spamming[edit]

ejhruewjehrgekrjh eeywquw see my kiwi cat, for tomorrow: See I did that. Theory of taxation is important. This is common, especially with Uncyclopedians.

Link spam[edit]

Go see the cat videos at screencat.web/internets/nicesite/nicesite1/site1.shtml. It works I guess. Don't you agree.

Step 3: Warnings[edit]

Soon the anti vanduls will leave messages on your talk page. Ignore them, try to emit a good response, like some sort of sarcastic quip.

Step 4: Infinban[edit]

This will happen. If it happens, don't worry; log out, wait until you change IPs (static IPers, sadly, are out of lock) and then create a new account, whether AGF or vandal.

Wikikoan meerkat!