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From Wikipedia, the horrendously sensible piece of s**t encyclopedia [citation needed]

“[citation needed]”

~ Wikipedia on just about everything[citation needed]

What damn thing is this???[edit]

Wikipedia: what a baby![citation needed]

Wikipedia is a oh-so-sensible [citation needed] web site run by snooty bum-holes who write sensible blibbity-blah and think dinosaurs didn't ride cars. they want to use their power as a well-known website to corrupt the minds of the world and fill their heads with too much boredom so they become mindless zombies that Wikipedia can control, and take over the world with.

This is why so many people vandalize Wikipedia. They want to fill it with so much randomness that it is stripped of its power. and THAT, ladies and gentleladies, is what illogicopedia is for.












It was founded by a convicted nerdophile called Percival S. Sensible currently residing in the rectum of sanity[citation needed]. It is populated by simple folk known only as 'Massive ugly gone-wrongs' , or 'mugs' for short. They spend their time staring at their own prostates and plotting on how to create a perfectly sensible world, where even the slightest hint of out-of-no-where-ness would result in forced sex with a cactus. [citation needed]

Jimmy Whores said of Wikipedia... [citation needed]

Wikipedia is just cool and that's what we're doing. I'm not trying to create enemies or friends. A mongoose smells either way you face it and at the end of the day we all just got to get along.[citation needed]

Also, the mangos are really touching the George.

How come 'paint drying with Jack Osbourne' isn't shown on Sky anymore?[edit]

I don't have a clue.[citation needed] I also liked the book Why do I exist when I am clearly a talentless, short, fat wart of a woman? by Kelly Osbourne. [citation needed] iggnore this[citation needed]

How can we defeat the last boss on mgs3 Wikipedia?[citation needed][edit]

What follows is a list of simple ways to defeat Wikipedo:

  • Eat regularly, anorexia is no laughing matter
  • Laugh at anorexics
  • Become anorexic and laugh at yourself
  • Write a popular children's novel but make a deliberate spelling error somewhere in chapter 5, or chapter fünf if you are German
  • Hunt down users of Wikipedia and silence them with threats of tofu
  • Beat AAAAA's high score.
  • Donate money to Encyclopedia Dramatica.
  • Make up your own facts.
  • Use Illogicopedia to write your next term paper.

Illogicopedia will be doomed! Wikipedia will soon block out the moon![citation needed][edit]

That's no moon![citation needed] Our admins/werewolves will be rendered useless! They may become *gasp* Wikipedia admins![citation needed] No!

Typical Wikipedia article[edit]

Illogicopedia[citation needed]

is a multiligual[citation needed]

[citation needed]

[citation needed]wiki-project [citation needed]with several regular editors [citation needed]who contribute[citation needed]
articles [citation needed]to the illogical [citation needed]nonsense on the [citation needed]site.

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