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From Wikipedia, the horrendously sensible piece of s**t encyclopedia [citation needed]

“[citation needed]”

~ Wikipedia on just about everything[citation needed]

What damn thing is this???[edit]

Wikipedia: what a baby![citation needed]

Wikipedia[citation needed] is a magical [citation needed] web site run by dickhead admins[citation needed] where millions of people[citation needed], just living [citation needed] out their lives obliviously[citation needed], are invited to type in [citation needed] what they think [citation needed] the world ought to be like [citation needed]. When they do this [citation needed], it becomes what they just typed in! It's MAGIC!! [citation needed][citation needed]

This is why so many people vandalize Wikipedia.[citation needed] They want to use its power [citation needed] to change reality so that they will get millions of dollars,[citation needed] or millions of wheelchairs [citation needed] if that is their taste.[citation needed]

It was founded by a convicted nerdophile [citation needed] currently residing in the rectum of sanity. [citation needed] It is populated by simple folk known only as 'Massive ugly gone-wrongs' [citation needed], or 'mugs' for short. {{cn|| They spend their time staring at their own prostates[citation needed] and plotting on how to create a perfectly sensible world, [citation needed] where even the slightest hint of out-of-no-where-ness [citation needed] would result in forced sex with a cactus. [citation needed]

Jimmy Whores said of Wikipedia... [citation needed]

Wikipedia is just cool and that's what we're doing. I'm not trying to create enemies or friends. A mongoose smells either way you face it and at the end of the day we all just got to get along.[citation needed]

Also, the mangos are really touching the George.

How come 'paint drying with Jack Osbourne' isn't shown on Sky anymore?[edit]

I don't have a clue.[citation needed] I also liked the book Why do I exist [citation needed] when I am clearly a talentless, short, fat wart of a woman? by Kelly Osbourne. [citation needed]

How can we defeat the last boss on mgs3 Wikipedia?[citation needed][edit]

What follows is a list of simple ways to defeat Wikipedo:

Illogicopedia will be doomed! Wikipedia will soon block out the moon![citation needed][edit]

That's no moon![citation needed] Our admins/werewolves will be rendered useless! They may become *gasp* Wikipedia admins![citation needed] No!

Typical Wikipedia article[edit]

Illogicopedia is a multiligual [citation needed]wiki-project [citation needed]with several regular editors [citation needed]who contribute articles [citation needed]to the illogical [citation needed]nonsense on the [citation needed]site.

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