How do you eat yours?

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Not a your.

“I ate my your: have you eaten your your?”

~ Traditional folk phrase

The question on everybody's[1] lips is "how exactly do you eat yours?" More specifically, the question refers to the fact it is incredibly difficult to eat a 'your'. In essence, it is a modern philosophical musing that has displaced "If a tree falls in the ocean, does a blue whale make a noise?"[2]

You eats his excitably, and often hurriedly so as not to relinquish any remaining yours to circling vultures or members with a higher pack status. When in Rome, do as the Germans do, so they say.

So, how do I eat mine? The answer is largely irrelevant: what you should be more immediately aware of is the large man with a cheese grater coming up behind you.[3]

More questions[edit]

  1. Who exactly is this 'everybody' person?
  2. And to a lesser extent, "How many lightbulbs does it take to change a lightbulb?"
  3. Why does he have a cheese grater? Well, all the better to grate you with, my dear.

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