Human rights

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1-we're all pretty the same

2-we all have rgihts

3-we can liVE wOo

4-no slaverys

5-we don't get to be hurt by other people physocly

6-you can get rights even if your in th ocean

7-the laws doesn't be difrent for oher pople

8-the LAWE helps our rights be the things that they do

9-we don't be in jail if we shouldn't

10-trials an what not don't have outside biases or whatever

11-unless we gilt we innocent


13-we can go to places that we want to do unless not

14-we can go to other countrys to not be in other ones

15-we can be from a couontrie

16-we can do family

17-we can have stuff

18-u can think what u want

19-we can have ideas and say them too wow

20-we can go to be with our freinds

21-we can do things with the government

22-we can have some social securits

23-we can do jobs

24-we get to relax yay

25-we can get f u r n i s h i n g s

26-we can get teached and can learned


28-our world is fair and what

29-we also protect other poeples rights

30-you can't not have them