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t h i s i s s o m e g o o d s h i t . . .

no but actually

Article Starts Here you fucks[edit]

Vaporwave is a damn cool genre all about cool stuff like marxism and palm trees. It has nothing to do with vaping or memes so you can just stop right now. (Although in all respect, "You on Vaporwave" is a pretty good video if I do say so myself). I can't even, like describe it though... like dude... i mean think about it... ice is just, like, a water rock, man... dammmmnnnnnnnnn n n n n n n n


So yeah, tell 'em about that waves of vapor thing... so like, CAPITALISM IS STUPID!!!!!!! it's not fun or anything. I'm just sayin' that capitalists make fun of socialism because it promotes free candy, but, fuck it man, who doesn't want free candy? Free candy is d e l i c i o u s! Did I mention it's free? Yeah, I definitely said that. All I'm saying is that infomercials and muzak are dumb, but slowing it down makes it sound....edgy. And a n a r c h y.... boiiiiiiiii

Palm trees[edit]

Neo Cali is a lit album, that's all I'm saying... it's got a palm tree on the cover... Do you like the colors of pink and blue? because that's there too... You might want to ignore the weird-ass face with rays coming out of its eyes inside the Windows ME computer... I mean, like, what even is that? I bet the nineties were super weird... But man.... books are like... like a box someone cut up a lot and put little letters in... you got me man? yyyyyyeeeeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh bbbbbboooooooiiiiiii


vektroid is lit. . . but, like, who is this Macintosh Plus fuck? Too normie guys... Also New Dreams Ltd. is a fucko.... I mean like, who even are they? They're stupid and dumb.... I'm so glad that Vektroid bought them out or some shit... I mean, like, that's why their albums are on her website, right? I mean, like, wow..... but, think about it man... i mean like, ramen is like string bread... but... then is string cheese ramen cheddar??? I don't even know...

Blank Banshee[edit]

blank banshee is spelled with fucking sigmas... I mean, that's EDGY AS AF BRO!!!!! bro..... bruh..... breh..... brih..... I guess his music is OK, but... it's normie.... so like... and it starts with zero?? I mean, that's EDGY AS AF BRO!!!!! but, then one, then...mega?? is this windows or xbox or battlefield or some shit??? numbers... but wait, numbers! they're like...letters, but, but, what do they mean? I mean, they don't mean letters.... what?

Saint Pepsi[edit]










that's some good SHIT!

btw, it's dead. like all other meems did.

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