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Chapter 1 - Empty[edit | edit source]

Little Timmy was just awakened by his Momma, Big Momma. "Little Timmy it's time for school! You've slept in and you're going to be late!" "Sorry Big Momma." Timmy replied. He quickly rushed to the bathroom to take a shower. He finished, got dressed and grabbed a pop-tart for the journey to his bus stop. "Don't forget your lunch box!" cried Big Momma from across the house. Timmy stepped back into the house, went to the kitchen table grabbed his lunch box and headed on his way to the bus stop.

It was a fairly long journey. He had to walk down his street and then he came to a bigger street that his street was off of and then that street had another street it was apart of and then he had to walk through an old weird man's lawn eventually coming to a huge halt at the corner of Fenton Street and Fowler Street. It took him around 20 minutes to get there and he froze on the old man's lawn. There was no one. No kids. No annoying 6th graders to tap him on the opposite shoulder they were standing and make him look the wrong way. No one.

He took the long trek back home. He stopped at his front lawn and looked at the door. What will Big Momma say? What will his Dad, Snoop Diddy say? He was at work but he would shortly hear the news. You're probably thinking... What's the big deal? Well, Little Timmy never missed a day of school in his life. He was in 7th grade so like 180 days a year... Well I don't have a calculator, but man will his parents will be angry.

Timmy clasped the door nob. He slowly opened it. Little by little. He checked in the house. He couldn't see Big Momma. He thought she must be in the bathroom or in the basement. He stepped in the slowly shut the door behind him. He entered the vast foyer. A glass chandelier above him sparkling in the morning sunlight. The huge rug beneath him. He stepped forward into the living room. The 25in T.V. was a shock to someone who had just seen the foyer and not the rest of the house. They'd think he was rich. They had fairly nice couches a couple tears but they were comfortable. He went into the master bedroom. A king sized bed was in the top left corner, the door to the room in the right one. The bathroom was in the front part of the room. It was narrow but it was very long. Timmy opened the door. Nothing. Timmy went back in his living room and walked down the stairs into his basement. Nobody. He did see however a strange door. It wasn't like the doors to his house. It was like a fancy door made of marble and it glistened and light reflected off of it, but the basement was nearly pitch black if the door wasn't there. What is the door? Timmy slowly moved across the cluttered basement stepping over shoes and other random accessories. He saw the door, knew what it looked like, he felt the door, knew what it felt like, but what he didn't know was that whatever was inside the door was going to change his life forever.

Chapter 2 - Lagomus[edit | edit source]

Timmy slowly went for the long silver doorknob. He pulled back quickly. Was it safe to do this? He thought. Eh, screw it he said and he quickly thrust the door open. There was a flash of light. The bright light engulfed him until he couldn't see a single thing. The light started to slowly fade after about two minutes. His complete vision was regained and he took a look around him. Green. That's all he saw, green. Trees, bushes, giant goblins, leaves, and wait... Giant goblins! Timmy started to panic. Three green things with big ears and big noses who were about 7 foot tall started closing in on him in different directions. Timmy knelt on the ground and curled up. Why didn't he listen to his smart self and go inside this place? Still in the disbelief as something as weird as this he took one arm from over his eyes. The goblins were on the ground, bleeding, and dead. Timmy slowly stood up. Who did this, he thought. No one was in sight. Not in sight. "Ow!" he screamed at the sudden pain in his knee. "Down here jackass!" The language that came out of the thing shocked Timmy because he looked down and saw a tiny man, as tall as two lawn gnomes stacked on each other. "Excuse me?" Timmy asked. "I just saved your damn life and you say excuse me? What type of creature are you?" The man paused. He looked middle aged. He had a fairly long beard and no mustache. "Seriously, what creature are you?""A human I guess." "Human... Human..." The man pulled a booked from the brown sack wrapped around his shoulder to his back. He quickly whizzed through the pages. He paused on a page, studied it and then he spoke. "Come with me."

Timmy and the man walked for some time. Over green hills and in vast valleys. After about an hour Timmy spoke. "Where is this?" The man looked up at him. "Its Lagomus. That's the name." "So... what creature are you then?" "Me?" The man chuckled. "I'm a LaGoom. We inhabit this place. Us, the goblins, and the minotaurs." "So it's all imaginary creatures?" Timmy asked. "Imaginary? Yea were imaginary, that's why I'm talking to you right now... Stupid human." "Sorry... What's your name?" "Well... they call me Rexxan." "Who's they?" "My parents." "Oh..." They walked and walked for about another hour with silence. There was a huge castle coming into clear view. "Where's that?" Timmy broke the long silence. "It's castle LaGoom." "It's big." "You bet your human ass it is." They eventually came to the castle. There was a moat and a long bridge leading to a long wooden door that lead into the castle. They stopped at the bridge. There were two LaGooms standing there in black and yellow chain mail armor. They were wielding a sword in one hand and a shield in another. Rexxan showed one of the guards a piece of paper. He let them across the bridge and into the castle.

Chapter 3 - No King in Here[edit | edit source]

As the gigantic door slowly opened before them, vast amounts of light overtook Little Timmy and Rexxan. "We wish to speak to the king." Rexxan told the guard that opened the door for them. "Here," the guard started, "Go with Private Sampson he will take you to the king." The young soldier approached them from across the vast room. There was a giant glass chandelier on the ceiling above the doorway about twenty feet up. Then there was a long carpet and it spat out left and right every five feet or so, leading to a wooden door about normal height. If you followed the carpet all the way down you came to a wooden door about two times the other wooden doors but still smaller than the entrance door. "Right this way, Mr... uh.. he looked at the small piece of paper Rexxan just gave to him. Timmy figured it was a form of I.D. "Jo-ble." "No," Rexxan spat out at him. "It's pronounced Jo-blie." Rexxan Joble was the name of the man who saved his life, an odd one yes but it sounded fitting for his character. "I'm sorry Mr. Joble." The soldier sounded scared. He had to be new to the castle. "Right this way." He beckoned them down the carpet. Rexxan and Timmy followed close behind. Timmy looked around the gigantic room it was around one-hundred feet long. The came to the big door at the end of the carpet. There was a label on it and it read in gold lettering. "Throne Room." The king was obviously in here Timmy payed attention in history class. There was a screaming voice from beyond the room. "Your majesty! Your majesty!" Sampson busted open the door.

The kings steward was sitting in front of an empty throne. The throne covered in expensive bear skin, the room itself was the nicest room Timmy had ever seen. It had many of the same features at the first room except the carpet only led to the throne and there were no side doors. Timmy also noticed that it was nicer in decoration than the first room. "He's gone." The steward said, panicking. "What happened?" Sampson asked nervously. He had never faced something so important. "I went to get his lunch from the dining room and then he was gone!" "Maybe he went to the bathroom?" Rexxan suggested. "No, that can't be it. Guards!" The Steward shouted. A small team of guards appeared by the steward. "Grab other men and search the entire castle! Every corner and every closet! Get the King back!" The guards disassembled, scattering across the entire room going into different rooms. Soon, they had all disappeared. "Well, what are you here for Rexxan? Another fight?" The Steward asked. There was a weird expression on his face. "That was three years ago..." Rexxan replied. His face turned blank as he remembered a distant memory once again. The steward saw Timmy. "Oh! Another human!" Another human? Timmy thought. "What do you mean by another human?" Rexxan asked. "The King was talking to a human earlier." Sampson answered. "Thank you Sampson but I will explain." The Steward took over. "There was another human here before. Taller than you, female." Timmy thought back. Was it Big Momma? "What did she say her name was?" Timmy asked. "The boy speaks, eh?" The steward added in. "Well, she talked about a door in her basement..." "That's my Mom!" "Indeed." The Steward replied. "Where did she go?" Timmy asked. "Well she was with the King when... Oh my god..." "What?" Rexxan asked. Sampson tensed up. Timmy stood in awe. The Steward swallowed and began to speak. "...They've been kidnapped!"

Chapter 4 - Preparation[edit | edit source]

"What the hell are you talking about!?" Rexxan shouted. "It must have been goblins." the Steward said. He was nervous and his voice was trembling. "So goblins stuck right through the god damn defenses and took are god damn King! That sounds about right." Rexxan was angry. Timmy knew this was a big deal. He decided he should speak to calm the situation down. "How do you know it was goblins?" He asked. "Well, we've been at peace with the minotaurs for years and the goblins always wanted to find a human." "So were like special to you or something?" Timmy asked. It sounded weird that humans were so important. "Well there has never been a human to step foot on Lagomus in years. three-hundred or so, when my father was Steward." "So how old are you?" "Two-hundred years I think... How old are you?" Timmy took a little to respond, shocked at the fact that LaGooms lived for over ten decades and weren't sure of their age. "I'm thirteen..." "Hmmm... Yes I believe I read somewhere that humans have different life expectancies." The Steward said. "So what's are first step in finding the king and the kid's mother?" Sampson asked. "Well I have an idea..." Rexxan started. "But it won't be easy. "What did you have in mind?" the Steward asked. "Were going to need soldiers... Were taking down Terek'thor." "Terek'thor!" the Steward shouted. "Have you lost your god damn mind Rexxan! No one has ever tried that in four-hundred years! And believe me it didn't go well when they did." "If the goblins have our king that is our only hope! If they wanted the human they don't need the King, so he could be dead! God dammit get a fleet together and lets kick some goblin ass!"

The Goblin capital, Terek'thor was the most populated and heavily guarded city on Lagomus. Tall wooden buildings winded up. Guards around every corner. Archers on top, swordsman on the ground. There was a lookout so a chance of sneaking in was not an option, the goblins were going to be ready by the time they got there. Castle LaGoom and Terek'thor were far apart and they had to cross some minotaur villages to get there. With a fleet of five-hundred men, they stopped at the minotaur capital, Killis. "We wish to speak with King Ureb, please." Rexxan told a guard covering the gates of Killis. They minotaurs guards led them to the castle. Much different from Castle LaGoom, it had marble everywhere. Fancy furnishings and decorations. Timmy liked this place. The entered through a large marble door into a throne room. "A LaGoom..." Ureb said. He was old. He had a long white beard and wrinkly skin. The horns on top of his head were worn and faded. "Speak your business." Rexxan cleared his throat and began. "King Morbius was kidnapped today and we believe it was the goblins who committed the crime." "I see." Ureb started. He made a short raspy cough and continued. "I'm guessing you want military aid?" "You are correct, sir." "Very well... I will send two-hundred soldiers immediately. Tell me of the outcome if you survive. Best of luck."

They stepped back out into the bright sunlight and the green forest. They continued to walk. They came up to a hill. "See." Rexxan showed Timmy." "There's Terek'thor." It was huge, and it looked like an island to him because they had built a large moat around it. They continued to walk further for about twenty minutes. "Halt!" Rexxan shouted. "If we go much long the lookout will spot us. So, men ready your weapons, and archers get ready to fire. The stronghold was even bigger now. They were about one-hundred yards away from it. "On my mark." Rexxan said. "Wait." Timmy interrupted. "What do I do?" Rexxan paused. He had never thought of that. He pulled a silver dagger from his boot. Timmy received it and looked at it glisten in the bright afternoon sun. "Good luck, kid." Rexxan said. He began to run. "Charge!"