I wish i didn't like pie

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I wish i didn't like pie. But strangely i do. Dog. Cat. pie. I THINK PIE.


My life is a pie. So hence, i am pie.


Or maybe i don't like pie.

So hence, i am not pie, i am unpie.

Which is not a pie, but i am a pie, so hence how can i not be a pie, when i am pie?

I contradict myself.



P is for parrot, Q is for question, T is for Testostereich, U is for You, V is for V, W is for Witch, a.k.a Roald Dahl in a dress, X is for Axe, Y is for Yaxe, Z is for Zork?


And hence, there are two paradoxes, the first one should never cease to be a paradox, creating the paradox within the paradox within hence another paradox, and hence the three paradoxes coincide with themselves, creating the paradox, that there is a possiblity that neither of them should have existed, since the first paradox would have stopped the paradox from happening, and hence that paradox would not let the other paradoxes cease to be, and hence there are four paradoxes, whereas it could not have existed, since it was created through other paradoxes, so paradoxically, that is not a word, cow, the paradox should not contain a cow, and hence that created the paradox of cow, which also should have never existed, creating the paradox that they did not exist, which coincides with that other paradox about things that do not exist, hence when that paradox goes against that paradox, one of them would cease to be, but then that confrontation would never have originally happened, and hence, neither paradox should be there, but then how did the confrontation exist, hence that paradox should have never existed, but how did it exist in the first place, and how did then all the other paradoxes exist, if they were based on that paradox, it would create the paradox of that never happening...but then that paradox would never have existed, but then all of the paradoxes should not exist, hence there is the paradox that did, which shouldn't exist, disrupting the barriers of time, hence a paradox is created paradoxically, although we have used that word before, the other paradoxes would then not exist, and then i would have only used "paradoxically" once, and hence, i would not have written that i have used it again, but then why would i write it in the first place, if i didn't write it anyway?

Now you see, why i don't like pie.

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