If Jesus was resurrected

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See? What if he got up from the ground and he just looked like a great black blob? You Pratt.

Say if Jesus was resurrected and you didn't see him because he was in your blind spot?

You would feel like a right Pratt wouldn't you!?

Good case for wearing blind spot mirrors, then[edit]

Well, yes to be quite frank. Yersee in these times people don't care for such things but they can help if something important happens and its in your blind spot so you can't see it.

Like God?

Well yes precisely! What if god came out the ground and he was in your blind spot? You would be a right forking Pratt!!

And Jesus Christ?

Same with him, beeyatch.

And maybe some broken fragment of reality that is actually representing reality if you believe this is not reality?

Don't push it. So there you have it, a very good case for wearing blind spot mirrors!