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From IllogiDictionary, the ABC of the Insane



  1. A liquid that is useful for cooking meat in.
  2. A way to make yourself say and do things that you will absolutely never regret later, like setting fire to The White House. Usually served in kegs.
  3. A fermented, hops flavored beverage that some enjoy with their meals and their sports games.
  4. Also makes a great air freshener. Ahh, why not pop down your local and enjoy the lovely smell of stale yeast and beards today.
  5. A substance given out by ?pedia in exchanged for voting on potentially featured articles. Note, beer "redeemed" at illogicopedia is provided at your local pub in exchange for money.
  6. A substence at makes men want to precreate with women
  7. One of the twelve thousand sins.
  8. The cause and solution to all of life’s little problems.