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From IllogiDictionary, the ABC of the Insane

Influx f.a.r.t. broun.

O-oh Illogia!
What is happening to this grand Wiii-ki!
A great influx, that is what!
We are experiencing techniiiiical difficulties..

Vandals and sandals and tequila sunrise...
We'll muse, mise and arise as we
Grow to a whole new level
But despite our hollow feelins'

It's the same Illogicopedia!
It's the same Illogicopedia!
Will it always be this wayyyy?
I say, I say, nayyyyyyy!

Illogicopedia, Illogggggicopedia
Our home and native wiki
In all of our cheese' command
Lizards and bananamen,
We see the rise, the true south strong and freeeee!
Redmond keep our laaaaaaaaand
Glory us and free
O'Illogia, we stand on guard for theeee!