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Not Illogia, but a creature made in his image.

Illogia is the mighty penguin overseer of all IllogiLand - the magical kingdom of mental instability otherwise known as Illogicopedia. Allied with Phrubub and Francis E Dec, his knowledge of the surreal knows no bounds. The full extent of his powers is as yet unproven but let me tell you, being stepped on by giant penguin feet is an unpleasant fate to be dealt.

Illogia's twitchy thumb hovers over his enormous computer terminal used to view the Illogicopedia. In fact, his computer only has one page bookmarked in his favourites, namely the aforementioned ?pedia. Every so often, the twitchiness of his penguin thumb causes errant deletion, and havoc amongst the Illogian ranks... but his powers are not to be questioned.

“Er, do penguins actually have thumbs?”

~ Reader

Quiet, I'm on a roll here.

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