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From IllogiDictionary, the ABC of the Insane
Zimizmists are often confused with Atheists because they both use similar methods of proselytization.

A Zimizmist, `Zim´ is mist`, ('zim-iz-mist) (n.), or Zimizmizt to members of the orthodox schism of Zimizmizm, is a person who fits one or more of the categories:

  1. A person who has formally converted to Zimizmizm
  2. A person who has not converted to Zimizmizm, but secretly wants to be a Zimizmist
  3. A person who has never heard of Zimizmizm, but will likely expire before the heat death of our universe
  4. A person who is a Zim Buddhist
  5. A person who may or may not be a Zim Buddhist, depending on where you're standing when you look at them

They are often confused with nihilists, regular Buddhists, Atheists, Unitarian Universalists, crazy people and the occasional were-vole.

intr.v. zim·iz·missed, zim·is·miss·ing


"This dude came to my door this morning, saying he had nothing to tell me and nothing to sell me, and then promptly dismissed himself with a tip of his hat... must have been a Zimizmist."

Webster's Revised Doubly-abridged Extra-spicy Pork Dictionary, published 2033 by B. & D. Miriam Co.