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Dictionary (Pronounced /Piece-of-crap/) N. A type of carnivorous fish that likes words. It is a heartless, terrifying creature that feeds on the souls of men, but also likes to snack on kebabs. They are also somewhat related to coffee tables, although no one knows how.

Damn those coffee tables.


Dictionaries are kind of square, but are also a bit triangular. And maybe a bit circular. With rectangular bits.

And spots.


Argh, this too hard. Let's move onto the next section.

Other stuff

Dictionaries have also been found with unusual appendages attached to them, including 'introductions', 'things at the back about mathematical crap', and even 'avocados'. Although the latter is probably the rarest of the lot.

Dictionaries must never, ever be touched because they have a radioactive banana all squeezed over them. And coffee tables.

Damn those coffee tables.