The Celestial Pirates 2 Captain Rant and the Waterspout

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(At the wheel)

You're at the wheel of the Flederaal, where you've been for the last 18 hours, since you're the only steersman aboard. The last one before you disagreed with Raven about something and got thrown overboard. You're nominally the first mate (same reason). Your bunk, however, is forward of the mast, with the common seamen. Nobody's told you why you don't rate a cabin in the afterdeck, in Rug Row, where the first mate would normally live.

Speaking of Raven, nobody's explained her, either. You're guessing she's the Captain's wife, but for all you know she could be his sister, or maybe a stowaway with an attitude. Or maybe she's the ship owner, come along to keep an eye on Captain Rant.

You're steering by a pocket compass you brought aboard with you. The binnacle is missing; you have no idea where it went, but you suspect it may have disagreed with Raven about something (that seems to be the usual reason for someone to go missing on this ship).

You've been sailing for almost a day now, and you still haven't laid eyes on the supposed captain.

The sky is overcast; it looks like a storm may be coming.

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