Enter the Realm

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An action game published by Asemacorp, with contributors around the globe.

Enter the Realm is NOT copyright anybody, you corporate ninnies.

Mind not the background, the Elder powers have been en route to fixing it. You, mortal, have chosen to become one with the land. Enjoy your stay within this realm, and mind not the trifles of mortals -- for you, too, are one.

Your soul rises up; a very magical thing. A rose that forms, basically versed in combat and casting. However, illogic flows through it, purifying it as this lime green text purifies your eyes. And lo, the soul heads towards an abyss, growing into a humanoid shape. In a flash of light, you have a corporeal shell...

You are in a strange nothingness.

> Aww, I hate these things!

Shut up.