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You must sign up below in the 'Team' section first!
Please do it first, thank you. :D

This place's coordinate is: Illogiblock Interactive (Special Page).
This place is Hosted by Nobody. which is in No team.

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Welcome to Illogiblock Interactive! this is the place where you can:

  1. Claim a land
  2. Join a team
  3. Edit your land
  4. Attack & Defend!


You can join the team by signing up here.

Team leader is a person in the team who has the most level.

Team may be split when one team dominates.

also, level may be decrease. if it does, it's happening to everyone. including me.(to balance pros and n00bs)

Team initial[edit]

  • R = Red Team
  • Y = Yellow Team
  • B = Blue Team
  • Other = No Team
  • Omit = No Team

Contributor Benefits[edit]

all of this is calculated when you join. it does not matter whatever you acquired after joining.

  • Everyone = +1 level
  • 1 Star = +1 level
  • 1 Phantom = +2 level
  • Werewolf = +3 level
  • Vampire = +5 level
  • 1 Zombie's ownage = +2 level
  • 1000 edits = +0.1 level

Red team[edit]

No. Name Level
1 Fiery Meme (talk) 05:43, 15 Jeremy 2018 (UTC) 1
2 1
3 1

Blue team[edit]

No. Name Level
1 Noot noot!.pngRainbow.gifHayy-ya.gif 1
2 1
3 1

Yellow team[edit]

No. Name Level
1 👈 lol 👉  lol w/ meJOIN US
History of lulzz
2 1
3 1

No team[edit]

This means you don't have a team and it's not a team named 'No'.

No. Name Level
1 1
2 1
3 1


Starting Point

You can claim any land that is red link!

however, you can claim Only ( '5 * Level' ) Lands!

oh, and land border is X 0, Y 0 to X 999, Y 999. otherwise it will cause an error.

you start at level 1. once you attack a land and succeed, you'll level up.

How to claim[edit]

Put a {{IGIBI}} tag like this.

{{IGIBI|''Your name''|''Your Team''}}

Edit conflict[edit]

If edit conflict happens, that land is converted to Nobody's land and nobody can claim it. it can be tagged by {{IGIBI}}. without a parameter.

Attack & Defend[edit]

Attacking can be done if someone put {{IGIBA}} and signs.

it can be done like this.


However, the attacker must have a land near the target land. (somewhere in N,E,W,S)

Attack Power(AP) is calculated by ( ( Level / Amount of lands ) * 10 ).

Defence Power(DP) is calculated by ( Level * 5 ).

Every attack is calculated at 0AM~3AM.since i wake up that time.

if AP > DP, the attack success.

if DP ≤ AP, attack fails.

Team attack[edit]

People who are in the same team can attack simultaneously to one target land.

One of them put {{IGIBA}}, others put {{IGIBB}} in the target land's talk page.

it can be done like this.


they must have the near land to target (N,E,W,S,Nx2,Ex2,Wx2,Sx2,NE,NW,SE,SW) and at least one person have to have a near land. (N,E,W,S)

Success & Fail[edit]


If the attack successed, the attacker(s) earns ( 1 / (people) ) Level. however, level 1.5 is treated as same as level 1.

And the one who put {{IGIBA}} gets it's land. it's counted as 1 land but you can get that land no matter how many you have.

for example: if you have 5/5 lands. and you earned one. than it's 6/5(exceed). that's fine!

and you leveled up. (6/10) now you can claim 4 more lands. got it?


If the attack fails, nobody gains an XP. however, defender gets the attackers' land.


Main article: IllogiGames:Illogiblock Interactive/Help



  • Middle point (Center) is (500,500). which is the center.
  • Corner there are 8 corners in the whole map. X = 250 , Y = 250 to X = 750 , Y = 750.
  • Border (Limit) there are 8 limits too. X = 0 , Y = 0 to X = 999 , Y = 999.
  • Borderline (Limitline) if you can go out of bounds by near, you are in borderline.
  • Near is a place 1 block away from your current land. (N,E,W,S)
  • Close is a place 2 block away from your current land. (land you can go by Walking.)


x(x)y(y) or (x,y)

example) x500x500, (500,500), x123y456, (78,9)


... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
... 3N3W 3N2W 3NW 3N 3NE 3N2E 3N3E ...
... 2N3W 2N2W 2NW 2N 2NE 2N2E 2N3E ...
... N3W N2W NW N NE N2E N3E ...
... 3W 2W W This land E 2E 3E ...
... S3W S2W SW S SE S2E S3E ...
... 2S3W 2S2W 2SW 2S 2SE 2S2E 2S3E ...
... 3S3W 3S2W 3SW 3S 3SE 3S2E 3S3E ...
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...