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THE GAME BEGINETH!!![edit | edit source]

You're on your way to an illogiconference at Illogioxford university, as usual you are planning to arrive at the meeting exactly on time; unfortunately for you it's rush hour and several thousand people have got other ideas. As time ticks by you get increasingly edgy and hot under the coller. 15 minutes before you're expected to give your speech you're still in Cornwall and only able to pick up radio Wales, there is only one car in front of you and it's holding up the traffic for miles with it's grandma-esque driving; you eventually lose control of yourself and take out your frustration on that car. As you go to town on the license plate with your stylish Doc Martens several formidable looking men jump out of the car cracking their knuckles and walking towards your direction in a menacing fashion. You have to think fast:

Challenge the men to fisty-cuffs and hope for beginners luck
Slide along their bonnet into their car and drive off
Get back in your car and drive off
Call the A team
Close your eyes and hope it all goes away