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WARNING: The lyrics contain explicit material and may not be suitable for users under 18. Unless you're a bad boy. Illogical discretion is advised.



Oh my god. No, not anoth... not another one from Crib Def.

You crazy ass mother fucker. Man I'm tired of this shit.

What you got, b-

Verse 1[edit]

Up in my room spittin' rhymes like you know I do

Fuckin' up the track like I just got summer schooled

Eatin' up that ass like you know I motherfuckin' do

Think about the past

Well, that's just what the brain will tell you


That's just what the fame will tell you


You fuckin' with family too

I apologize for the quiet rap

It's just because my mom's in the other room nappin' and



I won't wake up my momma


I can't wake up my momma


I won't wake up my fuckin' momma

She's sleepin'

She deserves a rest, that's all we got

Verse 2[edit]


My 45

Hit you with a spine and I left your ass blind to the rest of the shots that I bucked all five (all night)

We cut your body up and fed it swine

Multiplying on these dime bags got me fine dime-ing

That's the fight of my righteous rising to get my real sensation

The hardest delivery of the nine

My reflect of success

While I'm studying for a test

That we lit this year




I won't wake up my momma


I can't wake up my momma


I can't boost too loud and wake up momma

Don't wanna wake up momma

There'll be breakfast drama

Verse 3[edit]

Come and meal out so you know you got a chance

I whisper proud 'cause my momma makes sense

She got a motion detector on the side of the fence

I got a motion rejector tucked inside of my pants

9mm slugs flying outta the hedge

9mm slugs flying into ya head

9mm chumps like you will spread

8mm movie with Nicolas Cage if it's okay


Don't wanna wake up my momma

Don't wanna wake up my momma

Rap game too important

She got work in the morning

Can't wake up my momma

Verse 4[edit]

Oh, shit

I woke up my Mom

Oh, fuck

My mom woke up

I'm fucked

My mom woke up and now I'm in trouble


In trouble now I woke up my momma


This is early rap from Crib Def

Crib Def be dub the early rap game master

Game master

Early rap game master

I woke my mom up with this rap

Fuck you