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As reported in 2019, Illogicopedia had its server placed in Plato's cave in an arrangement defying the flow of linear time. The server has now moved on to a different, and far more mysterious, location. The situation in Plato's cave was reportedly getting heated, the server threatened with incineration amidst the activity of a number of mechanized drones attempting to drill through the ceiling.

The current whereabouts of the server are, indeed, a mystery, even to the well-informed IllogiNews crew. But a rough picture can be conveyed. All attempts to place the newer server location on a map corresponding to a location with Euclidean geometry have failed. Further attempts at investigation led to receiving a telepathic communication, signed "The Confederation Institute for 6D-inspired Mad Science". The CI6MS is seemingly the most mysterious organization the IllogiNews crew has ever encountered in its work.

Wherever the server really is, everything appears to be functioning well. The signature of the mysterious contact was carefully transcribed, and has so far passed all cryptographic verification tests. It may seem problematic that the CI6MS has no public contact information, but attempts at inquiry made clear that it monitors the noosphere, i.e. the sphere of human thought. Responses sometimes arrived, addressed at mental lines of inquiry, without regard for their apparent silliness. These responses naturally included the public cryptographic key used to verify the initial information.

A few interesting tidbits, extracted from a variety of responses, follow:

  • "It is best to let more abstract types of beings gargle bees; the bee is not overly disturbed, and the gargler does not develop throat issues as a result."
  • "In terms of quality of consciousness, there is often little difference between absurd and non-absurd human thought. However, absurd thought tends to be closer to the middle of the bell curve."
  • "This is most interesting. Symbolic computations done in-place require always having a sufficient set of components in place. Illogicopedia makes it easier. Various contributors have sufficiently receptive minds. Any distortions introduced can be addressed through the addition of what is needed to restore the result at a larger scale."
  • "The future is everywhere and nowhere."