IllogiNews:Proof that space aliens built Egypt's pyramids

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French archeologists Rene Arf and Paul St. Gloompf agree: aliens did it.

Proof that the ancient monumental architecture was constructed by half-octopus four tailed mermaid aliens from outer space has been posited by the Egyptian National Museum of History staff last summer, and now the liberal-controlled media is finally admitting to the veracity of this story, previously cast into the dark alcoves of conspiracy theories and bigfoot sightings. A character of no less repute than Zawi Madrass proclaimed at a press conference today from Cairo that "physical proofs of design and constructions of ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian monumental architectures will be forthcoming, as soon as we can resolve a bunch of old Polaroids I found under the bathroom at my cousin's house when we were remodeling".

Apparently, full space aliens have eight tentacles, and their half-moogle monster spawn have four. That is four less than eight, proving mathematically that subtraction can lead to great discoveries.