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This article is part of IllogiNews, your sauce for chips and sausages.

See? See? Banana? Ice-cream? It does, not it does! Running like wind(s), not up, but inside, said I, yes, but not at the same space, spoon-lifters(seven) of a sporky, not already sporked from Wiki not, but then, if ever. Also, fnurdle.

My computer, my house -- After some long research (consisting of about three seconds), scientists have proven that this article EXISTS! How amazing is that! (They also proved that it has been infected by banana insects of the blue variety, but let's not worry about nothing, because everything's going to be alright). They used their amazing skills of deduction to see if this article exists - and it does! I already said that, but picking up booked drive-flights is purple.

I think someone already wrote an article like this, but... eh.

Something about pimples, anyway.


Do we really need to list any?

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